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PawsBays™ Cat Corner Scratcher with Catnip

PawsBays™ Cat Corner Scratcher with Catnip

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Introducing the PawsBays™️ Corner Scratcher With Catnip Rubbing Device - the purr-fect solution for your cat's grooming needs!

🐱 Designated Grooming Area: Provide your cat with a designated area for rubbing and grooming with our plastic corner scratcher. The base is covered with textured material to offer a suitable surface for your cat to mark their territory, shed excess fur, and stimulate their natural grooming instincts.

🏠 Convenient Placement: Place the plastic cat rubbing corner in a convenient location in your home, such as in a corner or against a wall. This allows easy access for your cat to use the rubbing surface and helps redirect their rubbing behavior away from furniture and household items.

🛋️ Protect Your Home: Prevent damage to your home by offering your cat a designated rubbing area made of durable plastic material. Redirect their attention away from furniture and keep them engaged and entertained with this enticing scratching surface.

🧼 Easy to Clean: Our plastic cat rubbing corner is easy to clean and maintain, as plastic material is resistant to stains and odors. Simply wipe down the surface as needed to keep it looking fresh and inviting for your feline friend.

🌿 Catnip Infused: Encourage your cat to use the scratching surface by adding catnip to the inner compartment. This will entice them to explore and enjoy their new grooming spot, making grooming sessions a breeze for both you and your pet.

Teach your cats to use it in just a few simple steps:

1️⃣ Let your cats look and smell the brush for a few minutes.

2️⃣ Manually brush your pet's hair to introduce them to the grooming process.

3️⃣ Add some catnip to the inner compartment to attract your cat to the scratching surface.

4️⃣ Install the self groomer on a wall or in a corner for easy access.

Say goodbye to shedding hair and tangled fur - invest in the Corner Scratcher With Catnip Rubbing Device and enjoy a clean, happy home for you and your beloved pet.

🔍 Technical Specifications:

Type - Cat

◦ Color - Gray/Blue/Red/Green/Pink/Black/Orange

◦ Size - 9cm*13cm, 8.5cm*15.4cm

◦ Material - Plastic + Catnip

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